Thank you for your interest in joining the Golden Heart Senior Care team! We are looking for responsible, loving, and compassionate caregivers who truly want to deliver high quality care to seniors in the comfort of their own homes.

Why work for Golden Heart Senior Care?

  • Clients close to your home!
  • Flexible schedules
  • 10 – 50+ hours/week positions available
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Nice / Fair Manager and Scheduler
  • We put the schedule of our caregivers FIRST!
  • Immediate need for 7-10 additional caregivers
  • Fast growing company. Plenty of hours available.
  • Weekdays / Weekends / Days and Overnights
  • FREE training and mentoring programs

Starting Wage Rates:

  • Non-Certified Caregivers$13.00 - $14.50 per hour
  • STNA or CNA certified$13.50 - $15.00 per hour
  • LPN$14.50 - $16.00 per hour
  • Team Leaders$15.00+ per hour

Professional caregiving experience and/or additional certifications may increase your wage!

A caregiver career path provides opportunities for advancement

No matter how much or how little experience you have when you start at Golden Heart, there are always additional opportunities for increased responsibility and wages.

  • Caregiver – No experience is required. Training is provided.
  • Skilled Caregiver – STNA or CNA certification or at least 1 year of professional caregiving experience.
  • Level II Caregiver – All caregivers are eligible after 90 days on the job with good performance. Up to 5-10% wage increase.
  • Level III Caregiver – All caregivers are eligible after 180 days on the job with good performance. Up to an additional 5-10% wage increase.
  • Senior Caregiver – 2+ years of Professional Caregiving experience. Up to an additional 10% wage increase.
  • Lead Caregiver – 3+ years of Caregiver field experience preferred, and in multiple types and complexities of client care.
  • Team Leader – 3+ years of field experience. Provides care leadership to Caregivers, may coordinate schedules, assign shift coverage when needed, and conduct on-site training.
  • Care Coordinator – 4+ years of professional caregiving experience. Manage a team of caregivers.
Attendance and Performance Policy

Golden Heart Senior Care makes a commitment to each of our clients to provide care for them for every shift requested. It is extremely important that our caregivers are on time for each and every shift. Before we hire a caregiver, we must feel confident that our caregivers are reliable. Please read the attendance and performance policy below. If you know that this policy will present a challenge for you, please be sure to bring this topic up in your interview. Thank You!

  • Level 1 Violation = 6 points
    • No Call No Show (NCNS) to a shift
  • Level 2 Violation = 3 points
    • Calling off with less than 4-hour notice
  • Level 3 Violation = 2 points
    • Calling off with 4 to 24 hours advance notice
    • Tardy by 30 minutes or more
  • Level 4 Violation = 1 point
    • Tardy by 8-29 minutes

Positive Points can be used to offset point violations.

  • Be awarded with the Caregiver of the Month Award = 5 points
  • Pick-up a shift with less than 4-hour notice = 3 points
  • Pick-up a shift with 4 to 24-hour notice = 2 points
  • Positive Online Review or written letter by client mentioning the caregiver by name = 3 points

Timeframe: This points system looks at the accumulated points over ONLY the past 30 days.

Points Discipline
0-4 points No action taken.
5-9 points Written Warning, employee placed on probation.
10+ points Termination of Employment.

To start this process, please take a few minutes and answer the following questions completely. Once you are finished with the questions, you will be asked to schedule an interview with us. Please choose a day and time that is convenient for you. We will contact you promptly with additional information for the interview.

If you have any questions, please fee free to contact our employment office at:


Call: 937-723-9952

Text: 833-675-3939

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